Monday, August 6, 2012

Jadyn's 10

How. did. this. happen.

Someone explain to me how we go from this

To this

In 10 short years.

Jadyn, dear, you are a pleasure to parent.  Most of the time.  You are kind, sensitive, outgoing, loud, emotional, compassionate, whiny, smart, beautiful, tall, creative, dramatic....I could go on all day.

You love your iPod, shopping, fashion, swimming, science, writing, music, friends, sleepovers, posing for my camera, and most recently HGTV.

Sweetheart, we love you and are thrilled watching what a beautiful young lady you are growing up to be.  Happy birthday!


  1. I remember seeing that picture for the first time and thinking "babies are supposed to sleep". From the first moment, Jadyn has been bright eyed and ready to go. Such a sweet post about her.