Thursday, August 30, 2012

Moving On Up

Last week Colton moved on up to a real big boy bed.  After the crib, down came the rail, and we had ourselves a toddler bed for just over a year.  Back in June during our SLEEPING DISASTER  we decided maybe he wasn't comfortable with a the small bed and small blankets.  I opted for a twin mattress on the floor first so he could get used to no security on the sides since his real bed would float between his windows.  His crib does convert to a full size, but for space reasons (ie toys), we will do a twin now full later.

I swear I brainstormed so many different bed options (mainly building this one from Ana White's plans).  Instead I opted for a cheap (ie FREE) option by repairing and painting on old white Robin bed from Ikea that used to be a daybed in our playroom in a navy blue.  I so wish I had before pictures and well as during pictures.  With very skeptical looks from Rusty, I decided to repair this one all by myself.  Apparently too many monkeys jumping on this bed over this years had caused the railing/screws for the famous ikea slat system to pull out.  Faux wood isn't the easiest to repair :)  In the end I did it!  No joke it took me 5 days though.  Probably 4 days longer than it would have taken Rusty.  I am proud, though, none the less.

One of the most exciting things about this transition is the use of the duvet I made for him when I made his crib bedding.  I was IN LOVE with the fabric from Hobby Lobby 4 years ago (before we even knew if was a boy!) and since they were clearancing it, it was purchase now in case of boy or miss out if it was a boy.  The cheapskate in me did NOT win this time.  Purchased all they had.  Made a crib skirt and a bumper for the crib and a full size duvet for later.  Yes, I banked on loving this thing for a long time.  What a win!  I still, nearly 4 years later, LOVE LOVE LOVE this fabric.  So versatile for a boy room for sure!

Colton is very proud of his bed telling me it is bigger bigger bigger like my bed.  Any concerns of him falling off are gone.  Sleeps like a champ in the center of the bed.

Something I never anticipated was seeing a lamp and a picture frame (albeit a frame with no picture yet) on a nightstand next to his bed would make him seem so much older.

Ignore the terrible pictures.  So much natural light comes through his windows (even with the blinds down) it makes an amateurs job difficult :)


  1. Whoa Rusty and Colton must have been in the sun A LOT this summer ;)

    1. We tan very well here. Don't be jealous.

  2. Cute bed. I love it all together. He's got a great room!!

  3. Hahaha Love her joke about the people in the picture :-) Love his room Alicia!