Monday, April 9, 2012

Wild, Wild Whiskers

So much personality is squeezed into such a little person.  Rylee is mischievous, strong willed, freckle faced, curly haired, strong, naturally funny, music loving, tough, friendly, smart, sporty, determined.  Touch is her love language (as far as when I am involved).  She keeps me on my toes like none of my other kids ever could.

She loves her music and she is her mothers child when it comes to country music.  One of Rusty and I's favorite past times is listening to Rylee sing lyrics incorrectly.  Of course, she has no idea that she is singing them wrong.

The last 2 aren't the greatest pictures as far as lighting and focus go, but it still captures the belting out that is occuring.
Just yesterday, we were blaring American Honey by Lady Antebellum in the car.

Lady Antebellum "Wild, wild, whisper blowing in the wind"
Rylee "Wild, wild whiskers growing in the wind"

And if she isn't singing, she is dancing (well, both girls are in fact).  Even a trip to the beach is no excuse to stop dancing.

Oh the hours of entertainment this kid provides me.


  1. The dancing pictures are hilarious!!! I love this is so Rylee!!!

  2. For some reason these pictures brought tears to my eyes! Even though they are REALLLY funny, they are just precious! You are SO going to love having these pictures to cherish when your Ryleen Girl is all grown up!