Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Baby is 3

You never really know what people mean by how fast they grow until you are watching your last baby grow.  Colton has grown at super speed.

My boy, your the sweetest, funniest, mild tempered little one I have ever known.  We have skipped over your terrible two's completely.  While I know 3's are worse for some, I would be very surprised if this happens with you.  Other than your oldest sister (whom you are yelling at this very second), very little ruffles your feathers. 

You are still a great sleeper.  11-12 hours every night.  No fight at bedtime.  Naps still don't happen often, but nap or not, I tuck you into your bed, and you will play for 2 hours every afternoon in your room without ever opening your door.  When you are all done with quiet time, you simply knock on your door and call out, "Mommy, I wanna come out."

Potty trained with the exception of naptime and bedtime, and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

Fisher Price Little People and Imaginext are your favorite toys and Omizoomi, Franklin, and Mike The Knight are your favorite cartoons.  

You know about 1/2 of your alphabet by letter recognition and sound (will work on the other half this next year!), and can count to 15 if you want to (not if we ask you to!).

Your not a big eater at all.  It isn't that your picky, you just don't eat much of anything!  You do, however, eat a mixed berry fruit bar EVERY SINGLE MORNING with a glass of milk.  Its your coffee.

You love water, and are very close to being an independent swimmer.  I have no doubt by the end of this summer.

Ignore my camera bag in the background by the bridge :(
You LOVE to talk.  Sometimes too much.  With having 2 older sisters, it is NEVER quiet around here.

You adore your dad and ask where he is every morning as soon as I open your door.  And, it cracks me up every morning!

I could go on and on all day with all the things I adore about you and never want to forget.  Your mom, dad, and big sisters love you like crazy and are so grateful that God choose us as your family.  Happy 3rd Birthday son!


  1. I looooooveeeee the fence pics where he is peeking between the slats! That kid is precious. Happy Birthday, Colton!

  2. Happy birthday, sweet Colton!! I love these pictures! I also loved reading his year in review! Makes me a little teary to think about our baby boys getting so big! I hope your day was as sweet as his!

  3. Very sweet post. Makes me sad that I miss so many of these moments with my nephew. Great pictures, as always!!

  4. Nobody would have noticed the bag had you not said anything!!!! Gorgeous little man and you guys do the best job at raising your family. Love you