Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Children Are Fish

We spent Sunday afternoon celebrating Jackson Collin's baptism at his grandparent's pool.  Classic country and rock playing on the radio, grilled burgers and hot dogs, and great friends.  A PERFECT Sunday afternoon!

And, as to be expected....our three child was born with gills also!  People are always telling us that most kids may do great in the pool one summer but the next summer they start all over.  NOT MINE!  They've always hit the pool each summer as if they hadn't been out for 6 months.  Picking up right where they left off!    Rylee learned to swim the May she turned 3 (Jadyn was almost 5), so naturally we put pressure on Colton to not be out done by big sis :)   I don't think he will!

And just because she is cute....

Emma Collins is a fish too!

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  1. They are all cute little fish. It is amazing how all 3 of your kids turned out to be great little swimmers!!