Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Easter!

"Do not be alarmed.   You seek Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified.  He has risen"  Mark 16:6

We had a wonderful Easter weekend that started on Friday with the beach and ended Sunday morning in worship at The Met .  Beautiful service celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.

He wanted nothing to do with a posed photo
After service, Rusty's sister Wendi and her family, along with their mom Linda, had a turkey dinner at our home. Dinner was yummy!  A mini version of our typical Thanksgiving spread!

After dinner, we decided to let the kids dye eggs.  Here is a mommy confession from me:  I don't like dying eggs.  It bores me.  My children enjoy it, but I can't say that really makes it worth it.  Unlike both of my sister in laws who seem to love that their children love doing it.  I am sticking my tongue out at them right now.  I think it is silly, messy and don't really get the point.  I deal with it since the kids think it is so cool.  There.  Judge me if you will.

Colton dropped his egg and realized it would crack, and that cracked him up!
And after dinner...well of course we hunt eggs!

Rylee was thrilled to find the big kid prize egg!
Boring :) and fun traditions all considered, we had a great time!!!

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  1. Look at that smile on Colton's face when he dropped the egg. You would have never got that if you hadn't dyed the eggs. I love it!!! The kids all look super cute!! The picture of Kyle & Rylee cracked me up!!