Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Tale of Two Chairs

Finally another crafty/DIY post!  It certainly isn't an original project, that's for sure.  We have all seen a million chair makeovers.  They are fun, though.  Especially when they are almost free!

Nearly a year ago (if not longer), Amanda gave me a set of 2 dining chairs that she no longer needed, and I had a place for.  Apparently that place was our shed until a week ago.

Here is the before:

I started out by removing the seat, and lightly sanding (with 120 grit) just enough to help the paint stick.  Then, using a Rustoleum high gloss white, I applied a million coats.  Okay, not really a million, but I haven't mastered the thin, even coats idea yet.  I am impatient, and believe I should rush everything rather than taking my time and getting it right the first time.  I am also determined to become better at these DIY projects myself.  Yes, Rusty could have painted this chair and there would not be a single paint drip dried on it.  Yes, because I painted it there maybe 1 or 2 (or 10) dried drips on them.  My thinking is if I can do these things without assistance, then I don't have to run my harebrained ideas by him first.  So long as it doesn't cost him his time (or a significant amount of money) he won't tell me no.

Back to the chair...sanding, painting a coat, drying, repeat.  Then I wrapped the chairs (I just covered the existing fabric) with fabric that I picked up on sale at Joanns.  One a bold purple and white paisley print on sale for $3.49 a yard and a solid pink for $2.49 a yard.  An entire yard of both were purchased and have enough left over of both for a throw pillow for each room the chairs are moving into.

The pink chair is now at home in the girls bedroom with their $25 Goodwill vanity we made over for them. Yes, they are still missing pulls on the drawer.  Apparently the size of the original handle (which was WAY to modern for this vanity and their bedroom) isn't a standard size.  I would like 2 crystal (ish) pulls and just haven't filled the current holes, sanded and repainted the drawer yet.  Maybe soon....

The purple paisley now resides at my craft desk in our family room.  While every other main room downstairs was made over last year for a lighter, more neutral appearance, we have gone much bolder and more playful in our family room.  By far the most used room in our house.

My dining room chairs desperately all need to be redone.  When I get around to those, we will not use a brush.  We will purchase a spray gun for our air compressor.  I think that would be so much easier for 8 chairs.  I am very happy though with the chairs!

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  1. stumbled onto your blog via the blog hop and just wanted to show some blog luv! VERY VERY cute!!! new follower via email :-)

  2. You did a beautiful job. You should be proud.

    My husband has called me the "spray paint queen" and I have painted lots of stuff. It dries fast and I like that. My problem is that I sometimes forget and hold the can too close. That is what causes the drips. I've learned the hard way. Using a spray gun would make the job so easy, you could do them all in one session.