Monday, July 9, 2012

Aden's to Texas Part 2

For now 4 summers in a row we have spent a week of the Aden vacation on Lake Conroe.  Rusty's boss has a condo on the water and has generously allowed us to stay there.  We pack in, each of the 3 families having their own bedroom and bathroom.

This year the kids enjoyed lots of fishing (right out the backdoor) with Uncle Rusty.  Don't fish were harmed in the making of this blog post.  because no fish were caught during the making of this blog post.

The big kids did fish, too, I just didn't snap a picture.  

Us grown ups stayed up late eating and drinking WAY TOO MANY CALORIES!  I will not tell how much weight was gained during this vacation.  And we played games and watched BET comedians on close captioning.  Funny stuff.

We always cram so much into Staci's trip down so there is at least a Part 3 and a Part 4 to come.  I know you are anxiously awaiting.  All 3 of you readers out there.

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