Friday, May 25, 2012

End of School Daze Part 4

This post isn't about one of my children.  It is about my best friend, a wife and a momma of 4 kids (3 of which are under 4).

She finished grad school this past weekend.  Rusty and I had the privilege of joining her family as she walked across the stage.

She is the perfect example of no excuses!  She completed this while working part time, having her 2 youngest babies, 1st grade VBS director and MOPS Co-Coordinator, wife-ing, and mom-ing her 2 oldest.

And, just for fun...the two babies she had during the quest for the masters.


Amanda, girl we are all so crazy proud of you!  I am glad you are done!  Now, you can forget working and school and focus on crafting with me all day :)


  1. Nice job Amanda!! That is an amazing task to go to school, work and have a family. Congratulations on your work!!!!

  2. How did I miss this on Friday?! You have me in tears...thank you sweet friend. I could have not finished without all the amazing people in my corner and pulling for me.