Monday, July 30, 2012

Lake Conroe...again!

The weekend after Destin, when most people are ready to relax at home,  we packed up and headed back to the condo on Lake Conroe.  This little weekend getaway was a bit of a vacation crashing.  Our good friends Bobbie and Brian Hargrave (along with their kids Halle, Arden and Jack) were vacationing that week at Brian's dad's condo.  We decided that they couldn't possibly have a great vacation on Lake Conroe without the Burress' and the Collins family.  Our condo connection came through for us again and we headed out Friday night.

We had a blast!  Rusty and Aaron escaped Friday night for a couple hours to fish and it was so nice to be able to stay up late chatting with Amanda while all our kids slept.

Saturday morning, the Hargrave's took a boat ride over to us for breakfast.  We then all loaded up and headed over to Rusty's bosses AMAZING house on the lake.  

Not the greatest pictures of this house, but it is WOW!
This couple was more than thrilled to host us simply because of all the little one's that come along with us.  They have 2 grown children but no grandkids yet.  10 kids total between us 3 couples gave lots of babies to be loved on!

They had a boat launch we were able to tie up at while we took turns tubing and skiing, gorgeous pool for us all to enjoy and an outdoor kitchen nicer than my indoor kitchen where we cooked dinner that evening.

While Brian took Bobbie, Amanda and I (along with Arden) out skiing, Rusty and Aaron kept the remaining 9 NINE kids (including 2 nursing babies) behind.  I say that wins them DAD OF THE YEAR....well after looking at this next picture perhaps DAD OF THE DECADE is more appropriate.

This picture has to be large so you can see Rusty taking a crying Jack away from Aaron as he appears to be latching on to Aaron :)  Jadyn  in the far right side here is carrying a screaming Emma and Jackson and Rylee appear to be fleeing the scene.  Mass chaos.  Thank you to my babe and Amanda's babe.  You guys rock.

A funny story from the weekend....

Colton and Dalton were playing mom and dad Sunday morning.  When asked by Amanda who was who, Dalton responded that he was the mom (much to his mother's dismay) and Colton was the dad.  As Colton entered the room to talk to his "wife" he called out to him, "hey babe."  We died laughing.  It was so funny to hear that Colton believes correspondance between husband and wife begins with babe :)

Back to Saturday now.

Jadyn and Halle were both quite the fishermen this weekend.

iPhone pic sizes funny on here :/

Jadyn actually caught a catfish and a large mouth bass this weekend.  She was thrilled!!!

Now on to the real highlight from the weekend....

My first ski attempt!  As you can tell, I bit it first.  But, on my second try....

Bobbie is a FANTASTIC teacher!

And, just for fun...Bobbie going down now.

Amanda also gave it a shot, too.  She is very serious here as she takes her lessons.

She fought hard.  Really hard.  And was soooo close several times. 

And Miss Arden because she was a sweet co captain.

Weekends like this are making it so hard to see summer come to a close in a few weeks.  Someone please make August slow down.


  1. Great post! There are so many good pictures and things to comment on. *I love that Arden kept riding on Rusty's back. *That is so stinkin funny that Colton called Dalton babe! I can imagine him saying it just like Rusty says it. Ha! *Amanda wasn't just serious in that picture, she was pissed! She was determined to get up on those skis. *That picture of Amanda getting back into the boat is a great pic of her. *I am pleased with how you put the fantastic in all caps :). *Jack nursing Aaron is priceless!

  2. now how do I link up this post to my blog??? seriously, is it even possible?

    1. When I linked up to your bowling post, I clicked on the LINK tab/button on the tool bar when you are actually typing your post. (it says link in blue I think). You then copy and paste the actual link to the post (not just a link to my blog). Does that make sense?