Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lucky Dog

We found his owner.

Lucky went home tonight at around 9 pm.  After 24 hrs between us and our neighbors.  To say our children fell in love would be an understatement.  As I was taking this picture of Colton, I heard him whisper (unprompted) "I love you."  All this is before we found the missing poster.

Once the poster was found, my girls lost it.  No pictures were snapped of this out of sensitivity to mommy and girls.  I had one on each arm as we all 3 cried.  And while Daddy grinned at his emotional women.

He was 12 years old and belonged to a family of 6 kids.  The "daddy" has had him since he was a puppy and was very missed.  Truthfully, had we not found him so quickly and moved him to our backyard, I think they would have found him last night.  His home was only a couple streets away.

As were we eating our dinner (waiting on the family to arrive) Jadyn says, "I have to tell you the truth about something.  I found a poster on our mailbox earlier today and I threw it away.  I felt bad as soon as I did it."  Yes, I am devastated that she did it to begin with, but I am so happy she felt like she had to confess.  I know my girl, she wouldn't have been able to sleep tonight.  It was a wonderful opportunity to talk about that "bad" feeling right away was the Holy Spirit speaking to her heart.  It has always moved me as to how loudly Jadyn hears the Spirit convict her.  I pray the older she gets, the more she will be willing to act in response sooner rather than later.  The heartache and pain she will be saved!

As Champ (his real name) was jumping into the car of his real family, Colton called out "Where's my dog?".  VERY emotional Friday night for us Burress'.

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  1. How sad!!! Those are some great pictures of the kids & the dog. Colton is so cute with him!! I'm glad they got a chance to "save" him and take really great care of him!! But, man the heartache, that hurts!!! Hopefully hearts are less heavy today for the kids! That picture of Colton hugging him breaks my heart.