Wednesday, March 7, 2012

52 Week Photo Challenge Week 9

(Yes, this is nearly a week late)

Something struck our house again.  Cold victim this time-Colton.  A few weeks ago I blogged about Rylee being sick.  Now is Colton's turns. 

This was my view for 2 days last week.  Poor Colton was curled up in mommy's lap or laying with mommy on her bed.  Point was where ever he was, he needed me to be. 

And the fingers were in the mouth the entire time, too.  Thinking teething maybe?

This kid cracks me up when he coughs.  The tongue pops outs!

Our only source of entertainment was reading Baby Dinosaurs over and over again, watching Cars over and over again, and taking baths over and over again.  I even caught myself quoting Lightning McQueen while at the grocery store this week. 

I am happy to say we seem all better.  Please, Lord, NO MORE COLDS!  Although, I have decided that Mater is my one of my favorite Disney characters ever.  "She jus' likes me for my body".  Cracks me up everytime!

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  1. Cute pictures of him. Too funny about him coughing with his tongue out!! You must have been getting delirious with your quotes!!