Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Another Installment of Alicia's Copy Cat Crafts!

We can just call me the Crafty Copy Cat.  I am always first to admit that most of my craft attempts are copycats of something I have seen. 

Recently I repinned this sphere on Pinterest.  First off, I LOVE her blog title!  Hill Country Homebody.  So cute.  Back to the sphere.

I saw these on Pinterest, and when I realized how darn easy they are, I made a trip to Hobby Lobby!  For $2 I purchased (2) 6" embroidery hoops.  Honestly, $1.60.  I am such a cheap-o that I used my mobile 40% off coupon on a $.99 item.  Yep, that cheap.

To get the gray color, I mixed a black and white acrylic paint that I already had.  Again, spending 99 more cents on gray acrylic paint was out of the question.

Love how it came out and so easy!  I plan to make a larger one to sit beside it, just haven't done it yet. Thanks again Pinterest!  And, Hill Country Homebody!


  1. I really like yours even more than the rustic one that was on the other blog. Very cute!!

  2. Fun! I'm so glad my tutorial is actually working out for people! I have a tendency to really just throw stuff together and cross my fingers;) They turned out great!