Friday, March 30, 2012

Springtime in the Sprinklers

"I am sick of four walls and a ceiling.  I have need of the sky, I have business with the grass." - Richard Hoovey

Welcoming spring with an afternoon in our backyard sprinkler has become a family tradition.  

This typically marks the beginning of consistent warm (almost hot!) weather and evenings spent grilling and eating on the patio.  (Tonight's patio dinner consisted of grilled tilapia and grilled shrimp and fries-which all 3 kids ate!) 

I adore the "first touch of the sprinkler" every year.  So hesitant.  Yet, after the hands become okay with the cool water, it is all in!

Drinking from the hose.  Is there anything else that captures the essence of childhood quite the same?

When I am able to look back on pictures over the last several years and am able to watch our neighborhood kids growing up, I am always so grateful for the relationships we have been blessed to have with these kids and their families.

And, of course, we must perform for the camera, mustn't we?

Oh, winter (mild as you were) we are so glad to see you go.


  1. So much fun!!! Seems crazy that it will be several more months before our sprinklers come on for kids to play in. There is nothing better as kids as drinking from the hose!!!