Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Father/Daughter Sock Hop

Our church hosted a Father/Daughter Sock Hop this weekend.  All decked out in their 50's attire, Daddy took off with Jadyn and Rylee.  What a sweet, sweet evening for my girls and this amazing dad of theirs.  I can only imagine what an imprint times like these are leaving on all 3 of their hearts.

They had a great time!  Burgers, hot dogs, root beer floats...whats not to love?  They danced and hoola hooped the night away!

Speaking of hoola hooping.  They held a hoola hooping contest and Jadyn won!  I told her she is having quite the year so far with her 1st places!  (She also received the game ball in the next days volleyball game.  She played like a rockstar!)

Here is a video of her hoola hoopin' in action.  Look for her in the pink tank top!

father/Daughter Sock Hop Hoola Hoop Contest from Burress' on Vimeo.

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  1. Very sweet pics of the girls & their Daddy!! What a great one they have!!! Rylee looks so grown up in these pictures. WOW Jadyn, that was AWESOME!!!