Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yee Haw Y'all

March means Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo time!  We have taken our kids every year of their lives with the exception only being when Jadyn was 7 months old.  It is easily one of our favorite family traditions.  We love taking it all in- the livestock show, BBQ, Rodeo, cowboy autographs, the concert and the carnival. 

The livestock show is a favorite while they are young.  The girls have outgrown it, but Colton was really excited about riding a pig.  Not sure where he got that idea from, but it was all he talked about when he was told he was going to see pigs and cows.  While no pigs rides took place, we did make sure we scarred him for life.

As you can see, we thought it would be fun to take a picture of him with the black cow.  Yeah, well, black cow decided to "moo" hello from behind Colton.  Turns out the way moms and dads moo to their preschoolers actually sounds nothing like the real thing.  I am laughing again.  Mean mom, I know.

My kids can never get enough of the carnival.  Jadyn has become a bit of a chicken in recent years and she prefers the fun houses and giant slides over the "real" rides. 

She did make a great riding partner for her brother though!

She took it upon herself to teach him to ride ALL rides with your hands in the air.  This was seriously one of the cutest things I have ever seen.  He LOVED the rides and appears to be quite brave.  This little car ride seemed simple.  Cars driving in a circle.  Well, turns out it flings you around the corners very fast.  I was sure after the first turn he would freak.  NO!  He cracked up and screamed when the ride was over.

Colton also rode the kiddie coaster with his noonie.  See him there with his little hands in the air?  Again, CUTEST THING EVER!

Now Rylee on the other hand...well, she is a dare devil.  Nothing and I mean NOTHING seems too intimidating to her. 

The arrow is where Rusty and Rylee are on the large roller coaster.  I rode with her last year, Daddy this year.

Thankfully if her sister isn't going to be her riding buddy, she has a mom and dad who are almost always willing to.

I say almost because the swings neither Rusty or I are willing to ride along on.  Rusty has decided he doesn't trust the chains for himself anymore and I cannot handle going in a circle.  Never ends pretty.

The rodeo is no doubt some of my favorite memory makers with my kids.  I realize that I kind of mark the passing of years by the rodeo.  How big the kids were, what their favorite song was that night, what rides they couldn't ride because they weren't tall enough yet.  Already looking forward to next year!

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  1. That picture of Colton with the cow is the saddest thing. How scary for him. Yes, you are a mean mom:). On the other hand, Colton with his hands in the air during the rides IS the cutest thing ever!! I got teary reading this blog. I have such fond memories of the rodeo growing up with my family!!!