Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's a Family Thing

Jadyn and Rylee recently have started Awanas at Second Baptist.  They are loving it!  A couple of weeks ago, Jadyn had her first Pinewood Derby Car Race with Awana's.

Jadyn wanted to participate because it was the thing to do, all her friends were doing it.  As far as putting the car together (designing, building and decorating it) she really didn't seem all that interested.  Sure she enjoyed decorating it, but as far as whether or not she wanted to win, well, she never mentioned it!  Never said anything about hoping she would win!

I had a Girls Night Out with friends that night and because of her lack of enthusiasm, I felt like I need the night out more than she wanted me there.  Just as the movie I was seeing began, the first text from Rusty came through saying she had won 2 of her first 3 heats.  I could not believe it! 

Daddy did a good job taking pics with his phone for me!
Jadyn was thrilled with how the race was turning out (in her favor!), but Rusty was just as thrilled that his design was winning!  She went on to win 1st Place in Speed!  All 3 top winners were girls.  We thought that was pretty neat, too!

I called this post It's A Family Thing because very recently her cousin Kaleb (in Colorado) won first place in his Boy Scout Pinewood Derby.  That made Jadyn's victory even sweeter we thought!

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  1. That's so cool!!! So proud of you Jadyn!!! Cool car by the way!!