Thursday, May 24, 2012

End of School Daze Part 2

Next up on this week's end of year events was Rylee's field day.  All week prior to field day, Rylee complained about not wanting to go to field day.  And, surprise, surprise, she had a blast anyway!

Rylee and BFF Allie Arnold
Her partner was her good buddy Joey.  They all did amazing, and her class placed 1st or 2nd in every event!  Woohoo Branner's Barracudas!  Way to finish off the year!

Rylee and Joey

I must admit, in true Alicia fashion, I found myself tearing up behind my sunglasses (thank goodness they hid my tears!).  Watching all these kiddos having such a blast doing something I remember loving as a kid myself...just a reminder of how fast time flies and what an amazing time childhood is.

As much fun as the big kids have at field day....well, for Colton, not so much....

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  1. Colton is hilarious. Very cute pictures of Rylee. Glad she ended up enjoying it!!!