Monday, May 14, 2012

Just Another Sunday Evening

Nothing overly exciting this particular Sunday evening.  Chicken tostada's on the grill, dinner on the patio, kids playing outside.  One of those perfect, Spring evenings.

We have enjoyed dinner outside as frequent as possible this spring.  Jadyn has even declared all of our food tastes better outside!

Colton skipped his normal afternoon nap, so he decided to take a brief one outside.  

And this is what happens when I ask my girls to take a sweet, sisterly picture together.  These pictures do show a sisterly love, though, even if it wasn't what I was originally aiming for.

Jadyn thought they should build a little pyramid with Colton at the top.  Colton didn't understand what was being asked of him.  He thought Rylee wanted to be a horse, and that he should ride her.  This kid cracks us up!

I absolutely love nights that end like this one did.  And, I also love how good looking my husband is in this picture.  I'm sure he won't find this awkward at all :)