Thursday, May 24, 2012

End Of School Daze Part 1

Phew!  You can tell the end of the school is quickly approaching!  The end of school year activities really begin to pick up.

Jadyn, Brooke, Chloe on final race day
Jadyn painting houses in 3rd Ward 
Jadyn and Jackson painting houses in 3rd Ward
Jadyn is one of those kids who loved to be involved in whatever activities are available at school.  She could not wait for leadership opportunities.  She has been involved in Math Buddies and Morning Announcement roles in school, and this year Read, Deed, Run.  This was Copeland's first year to have a Read, Deed, Run program.  It is a year long marathon of 26 books or 2, 600pages read, 26 hours of good deeds within your community and 26.2 miles ran over the course of the year (broken down into 1 mile at a time increments).  With 25 miles ran, the kids finished off their "marathon" by coming together at the end of the year for their final race 1.2 mile race.  Afterwards, they all celebrated by receiving a medal and some refreshments.

One of the only reasons I am probably considering running a half marathon this year is because of the miles I have had to run with Jadyn.  Running with her taught me that I could do atleast one mile and at one point I thought that to be in possible.

We are so proud of Jadyn's accomplishments and really hope we can continue to encourage her to read, deed and run!


  1. That's really cool!! Way to go Jadyn!! What a big accomplishment!!! We love you!!

  2. Way to go J!! I am super proud of you. :)