Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This is no doubt a picture I would have deleted 6 months ago.  I tend to lean towards "posed" pictures of my family, and when I do take candid shots, I rarely love them.  I am trying to step out of that box and look for the story the pictures tell.  And, this picture does just that.  It tells the story of a husband who is being a bit to "handsy" and borderline inappropriate for a picture.  It tells the story of a husband who is a goof ball and apparently behaves as badly as his children when a camera comes out.

Now, this picture tells the story of a husband who finally obeys after the wife threatens him :)
Rusty believes the sun bouncing off his head is a halo effect


  1. Too funny!! Love that you posted a cute one of you guys!!

  2. Haha love this post! Y'all are such a great couple.

  3. He is a mess...I think it may just be a halo. ;)