Friday, May 25, 2012

End of School Daze Part 3

Field Day, Day 2.  Jadyns field day.

We ended yesterday with Colton being OVER IT!

We pulled out the big guns today.

Cherry slushee.  This is something Colton really only gets when Aunt Wendi is in charge of the Sonic drinks so it was an especially exciting treat this morning.  Boy was it worth it!  This slushee kept him happy and entertained in the stroller for the entire first hour!

Jadyn had a great time.  There was an odd number of kids in her class.  Jadyn managed to play her card just right and she was able to have 2 partners and do every activity twice.  That's our girl.

Wrapping the teachers in toilet paper.  A teachers favorite, I am sure.

Busting water balloons.  The students favorite, this I know.

The girls have had a great time this year, but they are SO READY for summer to start next week.  I am too!  We will see how I feel mid July, but for now, bring on the lazy mornings and late evenings, no routines, weekends at the lake, days at the beach, afternoons at the pool...yep, we are ready.

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  1. Ok, Jadyn looks ridiculously old in these pictures. Is it the glasses or what? She needs to stop growing!!! Seriously, Jadyn is one smart girl, she knows what she's doing.
    Colton is very cute with his slushee.