Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Little Getaway

We spent this past week in Cibilo (just outside of San Antonio) for a quick getaway at Noonie and Poppie's house.  The kids LOVE it here and would never leave if we didn't make them come home.  Mommy and Daddy love it here, too, but its because the grandparents do all the work :)

We started Friday evening off with dinner at Catalano's.  It is a little pizzeria in this small town.  SERIOUSLY some of the best pizza ever.  We try our hardest to arrive early enough on Friday nights to start the weekend off here!  YUM!!!!

Saturday (after our first 3 mile run!) we drove over to Guadalupe River State Park for a little river fun.  We were here last year with the Collins family and wow what a difference rain makes!  We were in such a terrible drought last year that the river was PERFECT conditions for little ones.  This past Saturday, not as much.

Guadalupe River September 2011
Absolute SAME direction May 2012
It might not have been the most calm conditions on the parents behalf, but the kids LOVED it anyway.

Colton was thrilled to have Daddy teach him how to skip rocks on the water.  Of course he wasn't able to master it yet, but had fun looking for rocks and throwing them anyway!

Finished the weekend off with a grill out. Wonderful, much needed weekend away!


  1. Crazy what a difference a little rain will do. Really cute pics of Colton at bottom.