Monday, July 9, 2012

52 Week Photo Challenge Week 26

Camp time!  Jadyn was thrilled this year to return to Trinity Pines with our church for camp, and Rylee was thrilled to be old enough to go this year!

I was a bit more worried about Rylee's first year than I was for Jadyn's first year last year.  Rylee hasn't developed any strong friendships at church so I was concerned that she wouldn't know anyone when she got there.  Yeah, I'm done worrying about this kid.  We show up to drop her off and meet her group.  We knew 'em all (except the little girl in the pink hat).  I even know the mother of her counselor.  I teared up I was so relived.  Honestly, if I had chosen the girls myself for her cabin, this would have been it.  And, it went great!  She had a blast!

Jadyn, being the old camp pro she is, there were no concerns.  One of her closest friends Halle Hargrave was going along with her so she was set.  Her counselor is also one of her Sunday School teachers so that was even better.

And they are off.....

Looking forward to developing their film and seeing and hearing all the stories that come home with them!

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  1. I'm so glad that get the chance to go to church camp. They will hold these memories forever!!