Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our Days In Destin Part 8

Final vacation post!

The fourth of July was celebrated while we were in Destin.  Our day started off a little...well, off.  Visions of a gorgeous, sunny day spent at the beach ending with a gorgeous, warm evening at Baytowne Wharf with fireworks was overshadowed by the storm that trapped us under a overhang at Bass Pro Shops and sunny evening was replaced with umbrellas and wet children.

Knowing we couldn't control the weather and we needed to make the best of it, we released the kids.  Told them to run and play just the same.

They enjoyed themselves just the same.  A little Uncle Sam and balloon animals.  Face painting.  Video games.  All American fun!

And how could we celebrate our great independence without fireworks.  No matter what went wrong this day, this firework show more than made up for it.  We were almost directly under the fireworks, closest I have ever been to such a show.  

It was spectacular to say the least.  

My firework photography...not so spectacular.

My boy's face certainly backs up my feelings of the show though.

He loved loved loved the fireworks.  It was amazing to watch him watch.  Pure bliss.

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  1. I think your pictures of the fireworks are really cool. Colton's expression watching the fireworks is precious. The girls look really cute with their cool fireworks on their faces.