Monday, July 9, 2012

52 Week Photo Challenge Week 28

The excitement for me about this picture is not that we could see this firework show from our campsite in Destin or that this was EVERY night (it wasn't even July 4th yet).  No, the excitement for me was that I could not wait to try out full manual settings for the fireworks this year.  I typically shot in A/V mode with autofocus on, but I had read so many tutorials about shooting them in manual so I gave it a shot.  I am certainly pleased with my first attempt!  I set the shutter speed, ISO and aperture myself as well manually focusing and I shot it in RAW.  I am not aspiring to be a pro by any means but love taking an amazing picture of my amazing kids and surroundings.  This is me learning!


  1. Girl I will never learn as much as you :-(

  2. That turned out great. Wish I had more time & money to learn and take classes. That is really good.