Thursday, July 19, 2012

Our Days In Destin, Part 2

I want this blog to be an honest documentation of memories for my children.  Sometimes that is going to include the not so fun stuff.  This vacation series is a combination of tons of fun memories tangled up with some not so fun memories.

The beach is one of those two way memories.  We live everyday with intense heat and miserable humidity.  Story of our lives people.  We were in no way prepared for the weather awaiting us in Destin.  Rusty and I have both been to the beach a million times as well as having vacationed at the beach a million times.  Neither us can remember a trip to the coast with absolutely no breeze.  Notice the beach grass in the picture below.

It is standing up straight.  Beach flags were laying straight down.  Made for a crazy hot week.  Camping nonetheless.  Where we are supposed to cook outdoors most days.  Did. not. happen.

Heat makes people cranky.  Particularly grown ups.  Turns out being in the ocean cheers grown ups up.  No matter how bad the day seemed to be going, how cranky kids were, how hot we were, everyone's mood completely turned around when we went down to the water.  

It never seems to amaze me how clear the water is and how powder white the sand is.  The sand is so clean it squeaks.  We saw a brochure that boasted this, and it proved true.  Jadyn was truly shocked to learn this.

Daddy treated each child to a boogie board our first day there.  From then on, most of their time in the ocean was spent watching and waiting for the next wave to ride in.  Colton loved going to "boogie."

Noonie even got in on the action.  She didn't find as much success as her grandchildren did.  

Playing in the sand with Colton was more up her alley.

To be continued....


  1. Oh my word, that's beautiful!!! I want sand and water like that near me. The kids look like they are in heaven!!!

  2. i love the super clear water and white white sand. so sorry that it was so hot, though.