Thursday, July 19, 2012

Our Days In Destin, Part 5

With the heat too much to deal with while we cook, we had to change up our plan and eat most of our meals out.

We enjoyed breakfast at the Donut Hole.  Great reviews, and we were well warned as far as standing in line for a seat.  Line moved rather quickly, we just personally thought the food was over priced for what it was.  Nothing spectacular.

Dinner at Dewey Destin's was a different story.  By this point, we figured out in Destin you will wait for all things.  We waiting 2 hours for a seat, outside in 90 degrees, no wind, with nats everywhere.  Y'all.  The food was worth it.  Oh. my.  I had blackened red snapper for the first time ever.  My opinion of fish is officially changed.  Yum.  Yum.

Another restaurant that stands out from the trip is Jadyn's request.  Cheeseburger In Paradise.  Cheeseburgers are the way to my girl's heart.  And Jimmy Buffett himself most have known this.

Our last dinner in Destin,  Noonie and Poppie took the kids (and us grown ups) to Fuddpuckers.  Another 2 hour wait.  This wait was by far the easiest to endure because right next door is an arcade that Poppie treated the kids to as well as lots of small alligators on site for the kids to watch.  Poppie also paid for the kids to get a chance to hold an alligator.  They loved this!  Rylee held the head (taped mouth), Jadyn held the body, Colton held the tail.  Probably one of their favorite memories from the trip!

To be continued....

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  1. I sure wish you had a picture of the kids holding that alligator.