Thursday, July 19, 2012

Our Days In Destin, Part 4

As weather goes on the coast it is unpredictable.  We had our fair share of storms blow through.

3 of these storms were quite memorable.  First storm had us up at 3:00am collapsing chairs and lowering a canopy so we didn't lose any of our equipment.

Second storm trapped us under the overhang at Bass Pro Shops while we experienced some of the craziest lightning any of us had ever seen.  While we were outdoors.  Fun times.

Third storm was our last night in Destin.  Thunder and lightning so severe it drove us out of our camper and into Noonie and Poppie's hotel room at 4:30 am.  Here is a video of the storm that sent us to the hotel.  It was much more dramatic in person.

thunderstorm in Destin from Burress' on Vimeo.

And, yes there is still more.  To be continued...

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  1. In a camper that lightning would have scared me too!!Those waves are unreal.