Monday, July 9, 2012

Aden's To Texas Part 4

We finished up our 2 week visit with a trip to the beach.

While the big kids enjoyed the waves, our power rangers enjoyed the sand.

My sunkissed beauties.

After spending several hours in the ocean, we cleaned up (courtesy of the state park showers) and headed to the strand for dinner.  Using Urbanspoon, I found Black Pearl Oyster Bar and Grill.  Oh.  My.  How have we not found this place before.  Gumbo, Catfish Po- Boys, Red Beans and Rice, Cheeseburgers, Chicken Tenders, it was all yumm-o.  Seriously people.  We devoured our food.  And once again, we finished up our dinner with dessert at La Kings.  Consider this to be the final nail  pound on my coffin  waist line.  

One photo that had to be taken while on the strand was in the photobooth.  Remember it from here?  My kids thought it was so cool then, and they were sure their cousins would think it so cool now.  Here they are all 7 crammed into it together.  Note Jacob's head stuck outside the little window.  Brilliant one he is :)

After nearly 1,000 pictures taken between 3 mom's I am thinking this is the last post.  We had a BLAST with Aunt Staci, Jacob and Kaleb visiting us here in Texas.  We love you guys and can't wait to hang out in Arkansas over Thanksgiving.

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  1. Our Power Rangers are pretty darn cute!! Jacob will be a genius!!!